Made by Kathryn

Gull Skull pieces are all designed and handmade by the artist Kathryn Parry.

Kathryn graduated with Honours in Philosophy and Theology from`Durham University in 1999 before going to art college in 2000. She qualified as a librarian in 2014 and helped organise the digital collection of Tunnicliffe's measured drawings in Oriel Mon up until 2016. 


in 2016 Kathryn moved to the remote island of Fair Isle in Shetland with her two children where she worked as an artist from her lighthouse studio. 

Kathryn now lives and works in North Wales and takes much of her inspiration from the seas and shorelines of Anglesey where she spends time drawing, beachcombing and working as a fundraiser for the RSPB from their nature reserve at South Stack.

Photo of artist Kathryn Parry
 Grey Heron Skull, found on the cliffs of Fair Isle