Introducing Gull Skull Feetwarmers and Snuggies:

It's all about Warm

Snuggly and warm, Gull Skull Feetwarmers and Snuggies are lined with 100% wool prefelt. This soft fluffy lining felts as you wear, moulding around your feet to give you a unique and perfect fit. 

Gull Skull Feetwarmers and Snuggies are ideal for hiding in your bag for long train journeys or just having waiting on the radiator at home to soothe those cold pinkies after a long day out and about in a challenging world.

This world needs looking after too so Gull Skull Feetwarmers and Snuggies are completely compostable:


Just snip out the label, cut your worn out friends into small pieces and add to your compost heap. Then just pop back to buy yourself a brand new pair of cosy Snuggies before your feet notice that their old friends have gone.

T:   07507141316


       North Wales

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All Product Photographs by Jake Stephen


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