Gull Skull Designs

The Gull-Skull logo and name derive from the collection of bleached Bird Skulls Kathryn brought back with her from Fair Isle. Finding the delicate skulls on the grassy windswept Fair Isle coastline is a form of treasure hunting and Kathryn spent many hours sitting and quietly drawing them throughout the Fair Isle winter when it is dark for most of each day with just a few hours of sunlight. 

Using coastal flowers, beachcombings and pebbles for its themes, this collection is playful and functional, reminiscent of relaxing days spent on windy, sandy, Anglesey beaches hunting for shells,


Gull Skull Designs is owned and was created by Kathryn Parry.

Screenshot 2021-02-03 at 16.38.03.png

Grey Heron skull, found on the hills of Fair Isle