The materials

                   Gull Skull Designs 

Real wool is magic...

warm in the winter

cool in the summer

like your heart and soul...


And it comes from sheep

Sheep are great.

Kathryn loves the huge range of colours Jamiesons offer, and the fact that she knows some of the sheep whose fleeces go into her work

The sheared wool is then sent by ferry to Lerwick on the mainland where it is cleaned, dyed and spun into beautiful yarn by Jamieson's. 

During her time living on the island Kathryn fell in love with the stunning quality and variety of colour shades offered by the mill, knowing that she had lived amongst the sheep whose fleeces helped to create the wool used in her weaving.

On Fair Isle one of the community duties is to help round up all the communal sheep belonging to the island's crofters. All the islanders walk in strategic lines to bring the sheep from the higher ground down into pens, helped by sheep dogs of various usefulness. Once all the sheep have been herded together into the pens they are divided up between the crofters to be taken for shearing.

The extensive pallet of shades means that Jamieson's wool forms a paint box of colour

Fair Isle is the UK's most remote inhabited island.

It is 3 miles long and 1.5 miles wide lying in between Orkney and Shetland to the North of Scotland.

It is of course World Famous for it's Fair Isle Knitting

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